Artist talk: Taru Kallio
Artist talk: Taru Kallio

Welcome to an artist talk between exhibiting artist Taru Kallio and curator at Norwegian Sculptors Society (NBF) Tatiana Lozano on Wednesday, June 19th 2024 at LNM (New location: Rådhusgata 25b).

The talk is in relation to Kallios current exhibition at LNM, "Pluto".

Pluto is a new body of oil paintings on canvas and framed drawings on paper. Kallio paints a world governed not only by the laws of nature but also by spirits and heavenly bodies from mythology. In the exhibition, we meet the characters from this world of visions: moons and suns with enigmatic faces, figures shrouded in tree leaves and vines, and bright flames with eyes to gaze back.


Taru Kallio (b. 1986, Finland) received her MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen and BFA from the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Art. She has exhibited internationally with solo exhibitions such as at Tegneforbundet (Oslo), Tm galleria (Helsinki), and Hordaland Kunstsenter (Bergen). Selected group exhibitions include Kunsthaus Hamburg, Galerie 21 (Hamburg), and After the Butcher (Berlin). She lives and works in Oslo.

Tatiana Lozano (b. 1985) is an artist-curator from Bogotá, Colombia. Based in Norway since 2012, she has her MA in both art and curatorial studies (2014-2019) from KMD - University of Bergen. She is the founder of –palmera– (2018-2023) and co-founder of FELT (2015-2017). Lozano has organized a number of projects in the form of exhibitions, events, talks and various contemporary art manifestations; some of them in collaboration with and presented at institutions such as Hordaland art centre, Bergen Kunsthall, Tag Team, KVIT, KMD, Tenthaus, Kunstnernes Hus. Tatiana works intuitively and insists in the gut feeling as a compass for her curatorial projects, encouraging artists to listen and follow their inner compass when it is available. Tatiana is currently working as Curator at the Norwegian Sculptors Society.