About LNM

About LNM

About LNM
About LNM

LNM is a national organization for professional artists who work with painting, defined in a wide sense. The organization was established in 1968 to promote the interests of painters and it is one of the organizations who cooperate in the umbrella organization NBK (Norwegian Artist Association).

LNM’s artist-run gallery is situated in Kongensgate 2, with entrance from Bankplassen, centrally located in Kvadraturen. Each year 11 exhibitions are produced that reflect the variety in contemporary art that relates to the medium of painting. In addition the gallery offers artworks by LNM members and the ongoing exhibitions for purchase.

The gallery is supported by Kulturrådet.

LNM has today over 550 members. LNM’s archive documents the production of the members.
Complete list of LNM’s members.

LNM can assist with private and public commissions.
Welcome to LNM at Bankplassen!


LNM’s executive board members are elected by the members of LNM at the annual meeting in March. The executive board consists of 5 members and 2 substitute members who are appointed for periods of three years. The board promotes the member’s interests and evaluate the applications for LNM memberships. The board has an executive responsibility for the LNM gallery, including the exhibition programme.

Øystein Tømmerås

Anders Kjellesvik

Apichaya Wanthiang

Mikael Øye Hegnar

Liv Tandrevold Eriksen


Oslo Art District

Oslo Art District is a collaborative project between eleven galleries in Kvadraturen. The cooperation started in 2008 under the name "Kunstsløyfen". The idea was to exploit the potential of the geographic density between the various galleries participating in the collaboration.

You can also follow Oslo Art District on Facebook.


LNM offers a wide range of education events that enables different experiences with art for different visitor group. A large part of our events can be held in English on request.

LNM Forum is a series lectures, events and discussions that addresses different topics relevant to contemporary Fine Arts in general and the art of painting in particular, suitable for both artists as well as a general audience. LNM Forum discusses artist’s professional, material and political situation.

Artist talk is a conversation between a moderator and the artist/artists behind the exhibitions at LNM. The conversations form new perspectives on the exhibition and opens up for participation by the visitors.

Art break is an informal gathering during working hours, where the artist will give a dialogue-based tour of the exhibition. LNM’s dialogue-based tours are offered kindergartens, elementary, secondary and high school.

The eye of the beholder is LNM’s educational workshop for children in kindergarten and elementary school. With the exhibition as a basis, we form a workshop that allows the children to explore the art and express themselves in cooperation with an educator. The aim is to experiment and set the mind free. LNM workshop can be adapted to different age groups and it uses recyclable materials.

School classes are also offered a tour with the gallery manager. We encourage those with special interests to contact the gallery directly to make appointments for special events. The tours are dialogue-based and aimed at the specific age group.



Please contact the gallery for any questions.